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Develop Your Inner Circle

You are only as strong as your Inner Circle. I should back up to a question - Did you even

recognize that you have an inner circle? Maybe I should also ask - Do you think you are the smartest person in your circle? If you are, then you need to develop another circle. You need to find others that you can learn from.

And if you recognize that you do have a valuable inner circle - do you let them know how much you truly value their opinion? It’s not whether you think they know. Because unless you set them up to truly understand how much you rely on them, and even give them feedback on how you value their input….I’ll guarantee they do NOT know how much, or whether you truly value them. And if they do not know, then there’s the possibility that you do not truly value other input. We are only as smart as all the brains (ours and others) that we use.

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