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Do You Believe in Impossible? Or Is it an Opportunity?

If all you had to do was Think (and you would Grow Rich), what thinking would you consider

is most valuable? Do you expect that thinking about the beach or the golf course would be sufficient to become rich? Or do you think it would be more involved? Is it above your head, or are you interested in exploring what thinking is necessary?

Let’s presume that you are still very interested. When you begin to Think and Grow Rich, you will observe that “riches” begin with a state of mind, with definiteness of purpose, with very little hard work. And it is entirely possible to acquire the state of mind that will attract riches.

One of the biggest weaknesses of mankind is knowledge of the word “impossible.” Failure comes to those who are failure conscious. And success comes to those who are success conscious.

There is a fine line between making this choice. If you struggle, consider a Leadership Harbor coach and thinking partner to add value to your journey.

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