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Falling Short?

The Heart of the Matter - A 31-Day Journey for Living a Spiritually Empowered Life - Based on the book By Joshua Finley

My life has long been spent in a personal drive to be “perfect.” Part of that is my internal “wiring,” and part of that is due to my upbringing. I am fortunate to have had both parents while growing up; and I recognize that many did not have this same advantage. My parents wanted and expected the best out of me; and that created a drive in me to make them proud. Sometimes, that drove me to a level of “perfection,” that wasn’t always good. My father had a couple of sayings that seemed to push me as well. “If you are going to do something, then you might as well do it right!” And another, “Do something, even if it’s wrong.” I am a task oriented person, and I knew, or at least expected the things I did to be, well, basically perfect. I know that it’s impossible in my heart, but that’s not the expectation I had for myself. If I could do something well once, then I expected I should be able to do it well every time. I am sure that sounds crazy; and it should. I also suspect that others have their own crazy expectations as well. Nevertheless, because of my thought process, I was often mad at myself for falling short. Maybe you feel that you fall short, sometimes, too?

It has taken me a lifetime to accept myself and my limitations. In fact, it’s actually a daily struggle for me to accept me, and the human limitations that I have. I hate the limitations. In fact, my drive now consists of daily affirmations to acknowledge that I am more than my mistakes; and that I am empowered to release the shame of mistakes and to focus on living into my potential.

The year 2020 will be remembered for a while, and it has been harder on some than others. Part of that struggle comes from how we have faced the obstacles (mask wearing vs not wearing, political rhetoric, sickness, death, loneliness vs too much family togetherness, etc.). In no am I trying to minimize anyone’s struggle. And yet, during this coronavirus year, I learned from my mentor, John Maxwell, that there are basically 2 types of people. The first group allows the crisis to define them; and when they feel the squeeze of the situations, this leads to fear, anxiety, and stress. The second group works to define the crisis. Napoleon Hill said, “Every adversity, every failure, every heartache carries with it the seeds of an equal or greater benefit.” By taking control of the parts in our life, and letting go of the other parts, we should be able to face life a little bit easier. Know that life is full of seasons, and the coronavirus is only a season, and that it, too, shall come to pass. We all have stress in our lives, and we should do our best to live into life with hope, courage, and the knowledge that we were each created with a purpose.

Focus on living into that purpose.

If you want to up your game and thought process. and prepare yourself for an incredible 2021, then I want to invite you to one of the most intentional spiritual journey studies in which I have ever participated.

The study that I want to invite you to participate is entitled: The Heart of the Matter - A 31-Day Journey for Living a Spiritually Empowered Life. Joshua Finley developed this study, and I have purchased not only the study, but also the privilege to share this study with others. While this study can be for anyone; I recommend this only for those looking for true empowerment beyond their limitations, human shortcomings and feeling like how could God love me? Are you ready to live into your own empowered life? If so, join me, and you will take a significant step into your best self and your legacy.

In addition, I believe there are a significant number of people in our world that have the feeling of being rejected by others, including the church - yes, the church - and maybe even God. I have my own unique perceptions of what it means to be rejected by people, and “the church.” If you feel like you’ve been rejected, I invite you to join me in this study. While we will discuss scripture, however, the most powerful part of this study is the reflection that you make on your own life.

Please join me in the journey of your life to become more spiritually fulfilled. I am sure that you will gain immense value from this study. The cost to participate is $39, and covers a Heart of the Matter digital companion guide, several videos and a few on-line discussions. Sign up on-line at and step into 2021 empowered!

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