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The Word, Freedom, has a Special Meaning for Me

As a country, we just celebrated an anniversary of 245 years…...I was even around for the bicentennial year of 1976. I may be chronologically advanced. I may not be the 18-25 years of age that I sometimes think I am (and act). And yet, I have never given up the urge to be and become everything I was meant to become. When I am doing what I was born to do, I have a special sense of Freedom. It’s a feeling in my spirit. Do you recognize that feeling as well? What are you doing when you have that feeling? There is so much to experience yet in this life. There is so much more to do - and that is one of the reasons the word FREEDOM means so much to me.

First, let me thank those that have been in the armed forces to make this the free nation that it is.

Thank YOU! Thank YOU! Thank YOU!

I feel quite fortunate to have some of the friends I have. From that perspective, I also recognize that I am simply fortunate to have friends! Some close friends live in Colorado, and we have been fortunate enough to visit them several different times of the year. In fact, looking back, we have visited during each of the 4 seasons of Spring, Fall, Winter, and Summer. This year we were able to view fireworks from the mountain looking down onto the city of Estes Park. What a special moment to celebrate freedom.

All of this is wonderful, but not why FREEDOM is one of my favorite words. Yes it holds all of these meanings, yet, I take it even more personally. I want to feel the freedom of being me.

So many people make comparisons to others (I do as well). What matters most is not what I do compared to someone else; it matters what I do because of someone else. If you do something amazing, I don’t look down on myself (much), I look at you, and tell myself, “I can do that (or something like that) if I want to.” Freedom is about becoming everything you are meant to become.

Freedom is a choice - One easily taken for granted.

Everything we do contributes to becoming more.

Facebook is an incredible creation by Mark Zuckerberg, and team. I could spend all day on Facebook building an image and liking others’ stories. Or, I can use it as a tool to put some information about me “out there” while at the same time, doing and being something that models who I am and who I am becoming. It’s about building friendship and connections. And then when you are actually together, building deeper relationships with more meaning.

My life has involved a lot of math & science technical focus and has given me a decently, financially rewarding, career. Problem is, my best development really started twelve years into my corporate career when I began to develop my faith in order to grow into a pastoral role. I served for 14 years. From that point on, people in my life have made lif

e so much more rewarding. Sometimes, I wonder, “why was I wired so much for the tasks of engineering, when people provide so much more meaning?” As a person of faith, I believe that when I walk through God’s front door, I am going to become so much more aware of things in my life, and why I did certain things that led to other events. Of course, I’ll also be able to recognize when I was too selfish, and made my own choices, not following what God meant for me; why I struggled, and how He always gave me an opportunity to come around.


There is a day on my horizon where my freedom will grow some more, and I will take one more significant step to being and becoming all that God designed me to be. Reminds me of what one of my mentors, Paul Martinelli, has described who God is - GOD - Grand Overall Designer.

If you feel stuck, and do not feel the power of FREEDOM, please reach out to me. Freedom is not only one of my favorite words, but it is a favorite FEELING. I cannot promise you will have the FREEDOM that I have, but I can promise you that you have the opportunity to develop a sense of Freedom that suits you.

Blessings my friend!

Live Empowered!

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