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Freedom? Or Fear?

Are you living in freedom? Or are you living in fear? I am sure that all would like to think we are living in freedom - I mean we just celebrated 247 years of our Independence and freedom from England rule.

We have the opportunity to choose which drives us. We have the independence or freedom

to choose to love or be afraid. When we choose “love", life is good. The problem seems to be that when life seems good, that’s when we choose to love. That’s the easy way. When life isn’t going so well, then our fears kick in even more; and love is difficult, if not impossible.

When we let our fears dominate, we do not do what we know we should do. We do not act in a way that we are truly proud of acting. We do not receive or achieve that which deep down we want. Is this truly acceptable to you? We may think the answer is, “No.” But I’ll say, the answer is “Yes,” because deep down we are comfortable. There’s no driving reason to act otherwise.

It’s about independence and freedom - you get to choose. Great achievements never come from comfort zones.

If I, or any of our Leadership Harbor Coaches can help you face your fears, please give us a call.

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