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If you Want to Be Rich, It Requires More than Desire

I firmly believe that in order to Think and Grow Rich, however you want to define rich, one

must develop their faith. After I lost my most trusted mechanic, I have been searching for another that I can count on as deeply. There are three leading candidates - and they each have some significant advantages. The problem is they have some negatives that hold them back from taking front and center stage. One in particular comes to mind. I know that they are strong people of spiritual faith, which is a huge bonus for me. However, spiritual faith is not the sole focus here. Let us also consider faith in people. I know the owner of this shop provides opportunities for both personal and spiritual growth for their team. Additionally, I also know that he helps girls get off the street, and into better opportunities. This is a deeper faith aspect than most of us consider.

The problem came when I invited him to a mastermind group with Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich as the subject matter. He was not familiar with the book, and when he looked into the author’s history, he decided that he was not a person of character from which to study, and turned me down. Granted, Napoleon Hill made some mistakes, haven’t we all? I think that knowing that Andrew Carnegie commissioned him to do this study and then write this book would provide some credibility. I don’t know about you, but if I my future were judged simply by my past, rather than an appreciation of my potential …. Well, maybe you can see how I struggle to accept someone else’s judgment of my work as my best shop.

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