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lost -> INSPIRED

This month in my weekly emails I’m encouraging you to have a discussion with your youth (or a youth you know) on a handful of topics. All under the umbrella of “what could be?” for

them in this new year. Find a time, over a meal, maybe on a car ride or somewhere else with minimal distractions.

Two questions to start from each week, see where they take you, and as always if I can help you or your youth unpack any of these please let me know.

First - when was the last time they felt lost? What did that look like and how did it feel?

Next - when was the last time they truly felt Inspired? What was the situation surrounding that feeling?

Coaching helps see things from an outside perspective (that’s not mom or dad) and helps address the challenges/obstacles you’re facing by creating your personal growth plan. When it comes to helping youth (or adults for that matter) from a feeling of being lost to Inspired, enlisting the help of a Coach may be their next best step.

Make it a Great Day,


P.S. Grab a Discovery Session for yourself or your youth today and we’ll begin navigating the journey together with your personal growth plan.

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