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Picture Your Front Door….

Whether you are communicating in a casual setting like telling a story or a joke, or

communicating something more formal, like a presentation or speech/keynote, there are certain elements you want to consider. The more important or intentional you want to be in the communication, the more important it is to ask yourself (and answer) 4 questions. This week, let’s look at question #1 What do you want the people to see?

Think about your front door to your home. Now imagine yourself walking through the door and go into your kitchen. Now picture your refrigerator. Ok now I want you to picture my front door.

If I leave it at that, you may not be able to clearly see my front door. If I want you to see it with clarity, I will need to describe it to you in detail, in a way that you will understand. For instance, my doors (note the plural) are blue. That’s not enough because how many colors of blue are there?!

It’s really important to make sure you are aware of what you want people to see as you speak. If you have more questions, or would like to “practice” the technique of helping others “see” join me for a Speakers Club session. Or let’s set up a complimentary Discovery Session.

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