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Power’s Temptation

Lessons from Walt Disney’s Wish....

Hello Friends,

You know how sometimes people start off wanting to do good things but end up doing not-so-good stuff? Well, in Disney's movie Wish, there's this king named Magnifico who was all about protecting his kingdom, Rosa's. He had a tough past and thought he could save his people from going through the same pain. So, he started collecting their wishes, thinking he could keep them safe from any bad stuff. But here's the twist: as he got more and more power, he started getting all control-freaky. His good intentions turned into wanting power just for himself.

One time, I had a Martial Arts instructor who didn’t know how to teach bostaff. I

REALLLLY wanted to learn bostaff. But, since she didn’t teach bostaff, she wouldn’t

allow me to get training from anyone else in order to learn what I wanted to learn. She

thought she was doing what was best for me by only allowing me to train with

Instructors within her small school. But really, this was holding me back tremendously. I

ended up switching Martial Arts schools. I’ve now been training at Longoria’s Tactical

Martial Arts in Lincoln, NE since I was only 9 years old. Grand Master Longoria

supported and encouraged me to train and learn from the best of the best, and they

allowed me to work with some of the top CMX bostaff coaches in the world. Because of

that, I went on to win 23 World Titles. Grand Master Longoria, M.A. Rudy, Mrs. Patti,

and everyone at Longoria’s were a vital part of every title I won because they had my

best intentions at heart. They didn’t say I could only learn what they taught; they let me

soar. And soar, I did!

Kids, remember, even the best intentions can lead astray if not guided by kindness and

empathy. Leaders, just like anyone else, can be tempted by power. It's important to stay

true to your values and consider how your actions affect others. As you grow, strive to

be the kind of leader who uplifts and supports those around you, rather than seeking

power for its own sake. Be the kind of leader like Grand Master Longoria and M.A. Rudy

Longoria. A leader who's all about helping and supporting others, not just wanting

power. Stay true to what you believe in, and think about how your actions affect

everyone around you. That's the real way to lead.

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