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Put Your (My) Dream to the Test - Question 2

Updated: Feb 10, 2020

I’m continuing to write about my journey in regards to John Maxwell’s Book - Put Your Dream to the Test.  My hope (remember …., “Hope is not a strategy.” ) is that my process will be a help to you in your process to develop and fulfill your dream.  

In Put Your Dream to the Test, Dr. John C. Maxwell asks a series of questions.  We have already covered Question 1 (The Ownership Question):  Is My Dream Really My Dream? 

My Dream:  Be a Coach, a “Thinking Partner” to help others achieve everything they were designed to achieve.  

(If you missed that, here’s the link: Put Your Dream to the Test Question 1)

Now, Question 2:  The Clarity Question.  Do I Clearly See My Dream?

As I am working through this subject, I am clarifying my dream..  Just like when I have begun looking into buying a car, used or new, I begin to notice that make/model everywhere.  I see the old and the new styles, and whether I can see myself in the car. It’s not that those cars weren’t there before, but now I have a specific lens for that car.  In regards to my dream, instead of a “car lens,” I have a “dream” lens.

I am always in the process of becoming more and more aware of my greater potential.  When I am gaining energy while doing something, I know I am in a “sweet” spot, and I should do more of that activity, and with greater intensity.  I know that I want to help others similarly - become more aware of the greater potential - and become more confident and

courageous to increase their influence.

During my school years, it seemed, almost everyone wanted to “fit in”.  They hated to be different. Different was a bad thing. Of course, I have since learned that I was not the only one to have the insecurity about being different..  Even the “popular” people had their insecurities.

I love analogies!  One of my favorites is about success. Consider when a “Joe” or “Jane”  sees a pretty girl/handsome guy and wants to go out on a date, but is too afraid of a “no” answer and the rejection, that Joe/Jane doesn’t ask.  Joe/Jane currently don’t have a date, so the worst result of asking is that he/she gets a “no. ” This literally means nothing, because he/she didn’t have a date anyway!  But, if there is a yes, well…. Maybe that’s a happily ever after! 

So, if you never ask, you will never know success. Yet, that is how many people live their lives.  Each day, they go to work, get a paycheck, and come home, and watch TV. Then they get up the next day, and do it all again.  Looking forward only to weekends, holidays and vacations. Wouldn’t the clarity of a dream create a different life?

I clearly see my dream.  Motivation can get challenging as I work a job that requires something other than working on the dream.   Fortunately, my passion and clarity for my dream are so strong, that it is bleeding over into everything I do.  There are a number of people that love the leadership training I do at “work”, and have begun connecting me to others that want leadership growth.  That really keeps me going! Thanks friends!

How about you?  Is your dream clear?  If you’d like some help discerning and refining it, let us know.  We want to be your thinking partner and see you living out your dream too!

Your Thinking Partner,


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