Rubber Band Leadership

What is important about a rubber band? It is a simple “tool” that helps to hold some things together. Would a string or a paperclip work? Maybe—they are tools, too, but they have a different function. The key to the rubber band that makes it effective is that it stretches. Have you ever found an old rubber band? When old, it gets brittle. And when it is stretched, it breaks. When the rubber band is like this, it is useless. It must be elastic in order to be beneficial. In fact, in its relaxed state it is also not performing in a way that is helpful.

A relaxed rubber band is like a leader that is doing things the “same way they’ve always been done.” In fact, that’s not even being a leader. When we do it the same way and do not consider any other options, we are living only in our “comfort zone.” Change is all around us. We have to deal with it constantly. Consider: What can be improved without change? Answer: Nothing. We must be better tomorrow!

Many do not like to stretch. They do not like to get outside of their comfort zone. Living this way only leads to average. Nothing gets better. Not growing, at best, maintains “average.” Average is “run of the mill” or mediocre. Average is the middle of the pack. It is the top of the bottom half, the best of the worst. It is the bottom of the top half, the worst of the best. Can a true leader aspire to this kind of performance? Of course not. Expanding the comfort zone is when people grow.

If your team is ready to stretch its comfort zone, call Leadership Harbor. We can help you S-T-R-E-T-C-H in a safe and controlled environment that we like to call the Harbor. We ready you for the seas of life, so you can seize your opportunities.

A ship in the harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are made for. —William Shedd

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