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The Answer Is Action

Whether you are communicating in a casual setting like telling a story or a joke, or

communicating something more formal, like a presentation or speech/keynote, there are certain elements you want to consider. The more important or intentional you want to be in the communication, the more important it is to ask yourself 4 questions. This week, let’s look at question #4 What do you want the people to do?

Action is the key to change. Action is the key to growth. If we only learn and do nothing with the information we learned, nothing changes. If you are telling a story or giving a presentation, what action do you want people to take? It might be a small action - like share the story with someone else or do you a favor. It might be that you are wanting someone to give money to a cause or buy something.

If you have more questions, or would like to “practice” the technique of helping others “take action” join me for a Speakers Club session. Or let’s set up a complimentary Discovery Session.

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