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The BS of Your BS

Let’s just go right to the heart of the matter…

The BS (yes… this is exactly what you were thinking as long as it started with bull…) of your BS (no… this isn’t the same thing… this one is your Belief System) is what keeps our potential lidded.  It’s as though we have put our potential in a jar and screwed on the lid.  That lid is our BS of the BS.  It’s the negative experiences and fears of our belief systems.

In coaching, we take on this invisible BS. It is sometimes a ghost and or a demon - both  are mostly intangible, or unrecognized by you, yet they drive your habitual way of thinking and behaving.

In other words, in every sentence and every word of every email, in every teaching in every class, in every coaching question or interactive conversation, in every webinar or training event, I take on the resident belief system within you - the one you're not aware of. 

This is your BS and it is the ultimate architect of your life’s current conditions and circumstances. 

When you are unaware of being a host to this BS, it's the toughest job in the world to convince you that the cause of all your effects is a bunch of unsubstantiated ideas you inherited and accepted as truths.  Often this occurs long before you even had the ability to reject an idea.

As you mature, and your conscious mind develops the ability to reject ideas, new ideas that are in harmony with your already established ideas of the past are accepted  as truths.  No questions asked.  

The host is rarely conscious of the process of sabotage.

This is as subtle as it gets. Your established beliefs - the beliefs you're currently unconscious of - the beliefs holding you back from a bigger, better and more prosperous future - know how to play you like every sibling knows exactly what buttons to push to get you in trouble.

Each time you entertain a thought representing substantial change from your current circumstances towards the bigger, better, more prosperous life - that thought almost instantly is followed by what seems to be perfectly rational reasons why the new idea can't happen.  Those sabotaging thoughts are your unconscious belief system expressing itself in your consciousness in order to maintain status quo - some call it average - by eliminating the "threat" of change.

So how do you combat your BS ghosts?

It’s simple…. You think.  I mean really think - which is more difficult than many of us want to admit.  You think to pull the BS (yes… the naughty words) forward into your consciousness and allow yourself to re-layer the truth over it.  It’s like putting fresh dirt on top of the old dirt in a houseplant.  Eventually the nutrients from the fresh dirt will filter down to the roots and stimulate new growth.  Every time you consciously shift your BS from negative to positive, you unlid - unlock - your potential.

These moments are what make significance in my life.  I hear, watch, and see the very second the negative BS is overridden by the positive truth and your Belief System unlocks.  I can’t even begin to describe the incredible joy that brings me!  And the potential it unlocks for you gives you wings to do or think about something more - better and bigger.

If there are fears or negative BS holding you back, please click this link for a Discovery Sessions so we can begin unlocking and un-lidding your potential today.  There are a variety of options in your level of investment (time & money) so don’t let your negative BS tell you, “I can’t afford it.”  

Live into your significance!

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