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The Value of Potential In Teams

Have you ever noticed that when an employee/team member begins at an organization they give it everything they’ve got at the beginning ? Or maybe they watch for a week or so to

see what behaviors the other employees/team members exhibit? Either way, gradually, over time, they adjust their behavior to fit the culture. That may mean lowering the use of their potential to “fit in”.

Oftentimes, goals are set/given to motivate employees/team members to perform at a higher potential. Some people are wired in a way that finds this a motivating method to increase the use of their potential. However, based on what we know about how the majority of people are wired, those motivated through goal setting are probably only 20%. The majority of people are wired to be more relational. For them, it isn’t about competition or achievement - it’s about “feeling” valued and seen as a person. This is another question of culture.

Businesses that have a positive culture have employees that want to increase their potential. That means they work harder to achieve success for the business. That means there is less turnover in employment… less training dollars spent …. More experience behind the activities of the business. Better customer service and customer retention. Any of that sound like something you’d like more of in your business? Let’s do a culture Discovery Session.

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