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The Value of Your Potential

A year or so ago, I was leading a discussion on the book - “Know What You're FOR” by Jeff

Henderson. It’s an incredible culture based book about how businesses and nonprofits need to be FOR their community, FOR their customers, FOR their employees/team members. One of the first steps to becoming FOR, is to identify and understand what you truly sell. Believe it or not it isn’t a product or service … It’s actually what your product or service will DO for your customers. As an example, I used Leadership Harbor as an example and asked, “What does Leadership Harbor sell?” There were several answers - much of it centered around the services we offer, coaching, masterminds, team building, communication, workshops, etc. Yes, we do offer those services. Only one answer was truly correct though…. We sell potential.

Potential is unlimited. We are the only one’s placing limits on what we can do or think. What if we expanded our potential by just 5% more than what we do right now? If we could expand our thinking or ideas or effort by 5%, what would that do for your goals? What would that do for your business? Potential works like interest - it multiplies quickly. Motivation is contagious. It’s like a ripple that keeps spreading.

What’s the value of you or your business’ potential? We would love to be a Thinking Partner with you and help you increase your potential. Afterall, it’s what we DO! Set up a Discovery Session today.

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