Three Congregational Focus Points—Leadership, Hospitality, Spirituality

God commands that we love our neighbor as ourselves. To do that, we must first love ourselves. In leadership, we must learn to lead ourselves before we lead others. Leadership is one of the three things necessary for a pastor and for a congregation to grow. True leadership is more than positional. True leadership is influence, nothing more, nothing less.

As a coach, I work with small business owners, nonprofit directors, team leaders, pastors, staff, and the congregations they serve. Coaching is about present listening and asking probing/challenging questions to help individuals and teams visualize and set action plans according to their desires. Although an occasional lesson in leadership occurs to draw out or enhance strengths, answers lie within the individuals or teams. One of the realities I find when coaching pastors and congregations is that the business of the church becomes such a part of life that the spiritual life of the pastor and congregation may take a back seat. The day-to-day business and “God talk” are so deeply intertwined, it happens without realization. This is why talking about spirituality is so important.