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What Could Be? 3 Pillars to Unlock Potential - Pillar 3: Choices

The Circle of Control - I know… I’m kind of a broken record on this one. It’s soooooo foundational though! Your Circle of Control is what you have control over. Guess what?

That’s only YOU! I hate to break it to you…. You have influence (hopefully) over others. No control. By the way… “Leadership is influence. Nothing more and Nothing less.” - John Maxwell. But I digress.

You have control over your behavior, your words, your tone, how you want to be known and what you want to be known for. Yes, first you must be aware of who you are right now in this moment. Then you can identify where you want to be. Your potential bridges the gap(s).

This is a simple concept - not always easy. Yet so very worthwhile! So what’s next?

Let’s talk. Discovery Session

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