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What Could Be? Jump and Grow Your Wings

Jump and grow your wings on the way down. Many of you have heard these words leave my mouth more than once. It’s one of my motivating mottos. I use it when I know I have to do something scary. Each time I’ve used it, something incredible happens. I learn! I grow! I

gain confidence! Even when it doesn’t go well (this is when I learn a lot!) I gain confidence. The grow your wings on the way down is the biggest part of this. It means I don’t have to know or see all of the steps to get to the landing. I just need to take the next step; and the next step; and…. You get the picture.

One of Leadership Harbor’s biggest jumps in 2022 was creating an office and the Learning Center. We had been considering a space where we could meet with clients and do trainings. We hadn’t thought we would actually have an office space too! When the opportunity came up, we jumped. Each month we discover a new challenge - a new step - where we have to grow our wings a little bit more. It started with things like what types of furnishings could we make due with and not really buy much?

It grew to what if we took out a wall and opened up the space and then purchased tables and chairs for a training room area? One hurdle at a time. Now it’s about finding space for more coaches who are beginning to come in to work more often. Lots of new steps equals lots of wing expansion.

What could be for you in 2023 IF you jumped and grew your wings on the way down? Let’s set up a complimentary Discovery Session and identify some steps!

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