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What Could Be? My Word of the Year

John Maxwell once told us that he doesn’t set a lot of specific goals. There are always a few, yet for the most part, he chooses a focus for the year. Goal setting is complex. Highly successful people are less driven by goals and more by growth. Setting and achieving goals

occurs as a natural consequence of personal growth.

Be intentional about what your goals or word of the year is. Creating a goal, or choosing a focus word, without knowing how they will aid your journey of personal growth won’t resonate with you personally. In other words, they become hollow promises or ideas you won’t want to work on.

Goals and focus words should be in harmony with who you are and what you truly desire. Begin by understanding you better. That means understanding what makes you tick; what your personal values are; what brings you joy and energy? Here’s a link to a a worksheet to help you better reflect on last year and may help you focus on what you want for 2023 (The Year of Worksheet..)

The Year Of Worksheet
Download PDF • 1.04MB

It can help you find your goals/word for 2023. After you’ve filled it out, bring it to your next coaching session or set up a complimentary Discovery Session.

Oh… by the way… my word for 2023 is Experiences. Leadership Harbor’s focus is “What Could Be?”I’ll unpack that and how it will influence me over the next several weeks. Let’s journey together.

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