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What Draws Others to Me (or to You)?

What draws people to me, or better yet, to you? Do you know? Do I know? What I do know

is that this is a rather uncomfortable question. Is it uncomfortable for you as well? What I do feel that I know is that people find me ready to tackle most anything. And that I genuinely care about others. I come across welcoming. Let’s be clear - I do not see myself as high on this “draw others to me” scale. I see myself as rather quiet and soft-spoken. However, I do think that once people get to know me, I am one of the more passionate people that want to add value to people to bring out their best, their potential. Here’s a hint to build rapport with others….and something I work on as well….let people know what you appreciate about them. When they know they are appreciated, YOU become appreciated as well. Any time you add value to someone else, you will draw them to you. What could your life be like if you showed more appreciation?

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