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What’s Your Dream?

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Leadership Harbor has a dream to empower people to realize their potential with confidence and influence.

What’s your dream?

The greater danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short; but in setting our aim too low, and achieving our mark. —Michelangelo

Many of us review our situations from time to time and evaluate whether we are on track to reach our goals. Let’s look at the three types of goal-oriented people: Grindstone, Lottery, and Cool Hand Luke (CHL)


There are many hardworking people out there in the world. They have the belief “If I work hard, things will pay off.” Yes—it likely will. Hard work nearly always pays off, given enough time. These are the Grindstone workers. The thing to consider is whether one is willing to put in the time to get the reward and whether the reward is sufficient and/or soon enough to live the life one desires.


There are some who attack their work like it is the lottery. Many small business owners go to networking events, expecting that if they show up, their lottery ticket customer will also show up. One will either connect with the person that needs them most or someone will refer them to someone who needs them most. Deep down, we know it’s not one customer—it’s the network. The problem is that many people “networking” are in search of the winning lottery ticket. There are so many salespeople that show up expecting others to buy from them. Is it about you, or is it about them?

If we were to walk into a hardware store, and the store had a goal for the week to sell more lawn mowers, how long would we listen if we didn’t need a lawn mower? Why do we think our business is any different?

Look around… It happens all the time. The one who solves the greatest number of significant problems gets awarded the new and bigger business (i.e., lottery ticket). That leads us to worker number three.

Cool Hand Luke (CHL)

“Luke,” or CHL, recognizes that the customer is most important. And not only that, but he (or she) listens to the customer and directly focuses on their pressing issue. CHL consistently makes sure that the customer is moving in the direction they want to go to accomplish the issue. Talk to people. Listen for their need. Find the answer and get it for them. Solve THEIR problems.

If you are pleased with your success so far, then you are doing exactly what is needed. Keep on keeping on!

If you are not pleased with your success, is it because of the choice of customers or the person looking out at you from the mirror? It’s like what the instructor taught in the computer programing class: garbage in, garbage out. If you don’t like the output, change the input. If you do not like your results, change your input (your actions and activities). Ask yourself, if I no longer did this, would anyone notice? How long would it take for them to notice? Consider if the action should change.

One of my favorite lines in the Pixar film Robots is “See a need, fill a need.” My friends, that’s how you grow your business.

What is your potential? Would you like to double your business? If you have a plan, awesome! How are you living into that plan? If you don’t have a plan, why not? Now is the time to have a coffee and start a conversation. See if Leadership Harbor can prepare you for the mighty waters of your life.

Have a magnificent day, my friend!

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