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Martial Arts Students

We are so excited to be a Partner with GTMA to bring Leadership development to the Grand Masters and all the way to the White Belts and everyone in between.  We're here to add value to you and help you each become the Black Belt Leaders you desire to be.  

Meet Our Team - We're ready to serve you!
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Chris Hansen

Youth, Young Adults

& Families

Dax Howland

Dax Ferguson

Youth Grades 3-5

KP Head shot 2023 Kris.jpg

Kris Peterson

Team Coaching & Communication

Brian P

Brian Peterson

Person Growth & Financial Freedom

Aaron Jones

Aaron Jones

Male Leadership

Book your complimentary Discovery Session today and get your personal growth plan. 
Get Involved today! What's your next step?


Empower your journey from where you are to where you want to be with the guidance of Your Coach. Book your complimentary discovery session today to explore the transformative possibilities of coaching. Our services cater to school owners, parents/families, teams, individuals, and youth, offering tailored benefits for each. As a GTMA Member, enjoy savings of up to 20% on a Coaching Package.

Board Break-a-thon

We're thrilled to announce our partnerships with fantastic GTMA Schools for your Board Break-a-thons.  We've learned some great ways to make this event impactful for your students and community. Be on the lookout for information about our 2024 Board Break-a-thons.

Masters Think Tank

The Masters Maximum Impact Think Tank is exclusively available to master apprentices and above. Check out when our next Think Tank is offered, and secure your spot. Sessions occur on the first Wednesdays from 8-9 PM CDT, and Zoom information is sent one day prior. For any inquiries, feel free to contact Chris.

Parents & Family

We understand the challenges of raising little ones. Explore our parent/families section, and book a complimentary discovery session today to kickstart your growth plan! Plus, join our vibrant online community on Facebook for ongoing support and insights.

Suicide and Bullying Prevention

Discover more about CALM, our Suicide & Bullying Prevention Training Workshop, and our partnership with 'Speak Life. End Bullying the Musical.' Both initiatives are integral parts of our Leadership Harbor Foundation.


Navigating the journey of youth is both a challenge and an adventure. Our Youth Impact Division offers specialized programs and coaching to ensure we super-serve these amazing young leaders. Discover more today or reach out to Chris with any questions.

Please get in touch with Chris Hansen with any questions about
implementing the GTMA Leadership Program!

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