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2024 Begins Anew with a Small Change

Are you engaged and ready for 2024? Are you REALLY ENGAGED? 2024 is time for a

change….for me…..and for you!  My lane messages for Personal Growth and Personal Financial Leadership will be changing.  To exactly what, may still be “to be determined.”  For this month, the ideas behind these thoughts will be combined and morphed into one lane. 

Are you checking out the lanes of Personal Growth and Personal Financial Leadership for valuable tidbits?  I am sure that you are! But are you engaged…..or just reading and absorbing?  Either way is ok, but let’s be clear - engaged means you have more skin in the game.  Engaged means you are in it even if there is information that is contrary to your initial thoughts.  I am not saying I have all of the answers, but when it comes to growth, leadership, and personal finance - I’ve made and corrected enough errors that I am sitting in a reasonable position. 

In some of these situations we can sit quietly in the back and observe, but that doesn’t work so well at the doctor’s office - here you must be an active participant!  And yet with the others, the more active you are, the more engaged you are, indicates how important that event is to you.

I’ve spent my whole life growing to where I am now.  From being an engineer (easy to be introverted)  to putting myself out there in faith and in pastoring (sometimes being considered an extrovert) to adding value to people through personal growth, learning better practices on leadership, and becoming more financially in control (ie. leading my money).

If you are looking to grow personally or financially, then stay close, really close to this lane this month.  Let me know what you want to talk about.  In fact, we are looking to have some more conversations instead of this written lane; and if you want to participate, let me know that too.

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