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5 Steps to Thinking Rich

Let's start with a couple of scenarios.....

The Date:

Remember High school/College dating? I tell this from the male’s perspective, partly because I am one, and partly because, I like the idea of the gentleman asking the lady out - Yep, still old fashioned. So, back to the dating.... The guy sees the girl. He says to himself, sure is a pretty girl - I’d like to ask her out. Then he thinks (or rather, “talks” to himself, sharing his negative thoughts, his self limiting beliefs). He tells himself, she is a pretty girl, but I am not that handsome, why would she say “yes” to me? So, he chooses to NOT ask her out.

She, on the other hand, has noticed him. She thinks - he’s got things going for himself. He looks strong, and he’s good-looking, I hope he asks me out. Alas, she ends up sad, because he does not ask her. Now, she could have her friend talk to his friend, and well, you know how this story can go……..but this is all about thoughts, confidence, and action.

Let’s keep it simple, and consider the facts.

  1. Both find each other attractive. (This point is not required.)

  2. He and she - both do not have a date at this time.

  3. If he doesn't ask her for a date, he will still not have a date.

  4. If he does ask her for a date, he may have a date (in this case, we know he will).

  5. There is only 1 single scenario that there is a winner - what is that?

    1. ASK her for the date! It’s the only way to get the date.

The Big 3

When I was growing up in the 60’s and 70’s, I learned of the big 3 auto manufacturers. When Toyota came around, they disrupted the auto industry. Today, we have Tesla disrupting not only the auto industry, but also the space race. Elon Musk thinks BIG. Most people do not truly think BIG. It’s much easier to think small; and then when we achieve, we believe that we are successful. Yes and no, right?

Change Your Thinking

It’s been said that we only use 10% of our brain. That is such an unbelievable statistic! Ever wondered, how that percentage was determined?

Well... it’s a myth. It’s made up, and many of us have heard this myth, and perpetuated it throughout our lives. And while, we all have a brain, we may sometimes wonder about others (lol). Point is, we often don’t use our brains to the fullest extent. Thomas Edison is credited with saying, “Five percent of people think, ten percent of people think they think, and eighty-five percent of people would rather die than think.” I know, many of us “think” about our plans, and what we are going to do. The tough part is stepping back and thinking beyond:

  • What would happen if I ____?

  • How could I double my income?

  • How could (name your biggest challenge), be turned upside down, and made my biggest asset?

I am certain that you have thought about these questions. They have at least flitted through your mind. These are hard questions. I’ll bet you said, "I’ll think about these later when I have some time."

Has later ever happened? For the majority, the answer is no. Most of us currently lie closer to the fearful, "I want to ask the person out, but I (think other thoughts)", than the Elon Musks, that are changing the world. And there you go again, thinking with the 10% limitations…...You have far greater potential within you, friend. Is it the fear of failure or the fear of success that keeps you where you are?

If you know that your THINKING could use a jump start - Then consider a journey of study through, Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.

The first step is to focus on the mindful thinking process, and focus on a thorough study of the following 5 steps to THINKING RICH:

  1. Desire

  2. Faith

  3. Imagination

  4. Organized planning

  5. Decision Making

Let’s be clear, being rich is not solely about financial gain, as there are many ways to feel rich. We can let go of our past shame, and feel good about yourself today, and tomorrow. And there are many relationships that we can build, re-build or simply grow in order to become “rich.”

Rich - what does that bring to your mind? Is it about money? Is it about what money can buy? Is it the freedom that money brings? Is it the choices that you have? Is it about the experiences that you can have? Is it about the magic moments you can create with others? Is it about contributing to solving a certain problem of the world? Is it about funding a specific non-profit? Is it about the relationships you can have? Being rich is so much more than just money.

What if you defined what rich really meant to you, and you could actually achieve this level of rich? What would that do for you? What would that do for those in your life?

Set aside some thinking time this coming week. Write down answers to these questions. If you want a Thinking Partner to help you work through your answers and the steps you will use to accomplish your goals, let us know. Discovery Sessions are complementary and there is no further obligation. We can help you find the right path to unlock your potential.

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