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A Year Without Regrets

It’s a time of reflection on 2019 and creating some anticipation about the possibilities of 2020.

This is the time of year when many people have set goals. Some will be met. Some HAVE TO BE met. Some goals will be made of good intentions and our dedication to them will begin waning sometime in February or March.

It is easy to move from expectancy and anticipating the possibilities to same ol’-same ol’ thing. We lose our expectancy when we wait too long to take an action or find success, or when ‘it’ becomes commonplace. Keeping our focus on what is important helps us maintain awareness of blessings/opportunities and expectancy because each new day brings changes through those blessings/opportunities. We begin watching for them, anticipating. It adds to our joy and brings out our inner child.

Take a risk when the potential for significance is high. John C. Maxwell

Having an attitude of expectancy builds the foundation for something good to happen.

Goal setting and goal achieving is an intellectual process.

I believe that “You Plan You Or Someone Else Might.” Why would I want someone else to plan my life? Granted, sometimes our circumstances change—things that are out of our control—but does that mean we shouldn’t develop some strategy for our life and the way we live it?

Life is very simple, but keeping it that way can be very difficult. Knowing that each day is NOT a dress rehearsal means I want to do some designing/strategic planning. Honestly, jobs and careers change—sometimes outside of our control. So wouldn’t designing your life be more important than designing your career? I mean, who you are will most accurately determine what you do… so planning should always be about who you are and who you want to be.

Here are facts you must believe in/accept:

  1. Nothing about your past determines your future.

  2. In order to achieve your goals, you must take an action. Wanting something to happen is not enough. Hoping things will work out is not enough. (Hope is not a strategy!)

  3. The plan of the goal may need to change. Plans look really good on paper, but the plan isn’t what is important. The end result is what is important.

  4. Things typically take more of something than we have planned on—time, money, or energy. I’ll give you a totally biased hint here. You can do everything on your own and it will take longer and be more difficult to accomplish. Find a mentor and be honest about what you need. Invest in your life and hire a coach/thinking partner. I personally guarantee you’ll get what you want faster and have more confidence in where you’re headed.

  5. You may have to consider what you are willing to give up or sacrifice to get you where you want to go.

Know yourself. Raise your personal awareness about who you are. I know this sounds crazy, but confidence and growth come with knowing your values, knowing how you’re wired, and analyzing your life experiences—both the good and the bad. You also need to be aware that who you were three years ago is not who you are today. (If you haven’t changed, please, please contact us. It’s time you got out of your rut and began living again!)

Take the time to assess which areas of your life should receive the most strategic planning.

  1. Career

  2. Hobby

  3. Faith

  4. Marriage

  5. Family

  6. Personal Growth

  7. Health

  8. Free Time

Write one to three goals for 2020. Or choose a focus word (2019 was Intentional for me; 2020 is Focus). Everything you do, say, or plan that goes through the focus word will bring you out of 2020 feeling great about what you have accomplished.

Remember, friends, Clarity in Vision. No Regrets! 2020 is your year! Let’s do this!

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