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Are You Happy with Your Compensation?

Are you being compensated appropriately? Do you know the laws of compensation? Every once in a while, I will hear someone comment that their employer doesn’t pay them what they are worth. And yet, they do not go find some other employer who will pay them more….

The law of compensation deals with three things:

  1. The need for what we do.

  2. Our ability to fulfill that need.

  3. The difficulty there is to replace us.

As people venture out into the world, and look for career opportunities, there is a demand

for engineers and salespersons. I will suggest that there is a greater demand (vs supply) for engineers, and that drives the starting salary up. However, if a salesperson does his/her job well, they can soon command salaries higher than some engineers.

It is imperative to understand that the salesperson that I am referring to is one that adds value to the process. I am not talking about the old-fashioned car salesman that is out to sell junk. I am talking about a person who has answers to your situation and exceeds expectations. This person succeeds because they focus on others, not themselves. If you really want to be successful, you must win with people, and that comes from listening to, connecting with, and meeting their needs and desires.

How does this add to the value you want to bring to your job and career?

Would a thinking partner add value to your plan and process? Contact Brian at Leadership Harbor

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