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At The Car Wash

I’m fortunate to have a membership for a local car wash. The membership gives me the ability to show up and get the ole car washed anytime (they’re open) as often as I want. Included in the wash is hand drying, vacuums, compressed air to get all the water and dust out of all the places, members care buckets with things to clean all the other things and a members-only express line.

Obviously, there are benefits to membership! You see there are times in life when you ‘buy in’ you get some extra perks. Where we choose to invest is important. When was the last time you thought about investing in you? These investments can range from the free; podcasts, blogs or the similar, to mid-range; a book or two, or maybe a workshop, to I want it all; conferences, coaching or membership in personal development.

I’ve found that there are times where all three of those areas; free all the way to fee, have been important to my personal growth and professional development. The times I go the furthest the fastest is just like at the car wash - when you can jump in the members express lane. You get closer to the action as often as you can/want and you get there first. What happens when we lead ourselves first, we invest in our growth? To some, it may seem selfish. I’d push back and say if you’re not willing to invest in you then why should anyone else?

When we lead ourselves first we’re better equipped to add value to and serve others. It’s not selfish, it’s key to true leadership and transformation in your world. So, whatever membership looks like for you - jump in. Jump in the members express lane, get there first, get there fast and get there often. The world needs you to be growing so you can unleash your gifts to change your world.

I’m privileged to work with some amazing young people - those who are often looked at as “tomorrow’s leaders” - but I get to see them lead today. Boy, is the future bright if we continue to give these young people a chance to be members, to grow, to dream and to Lead. Let’s open up membership and growth to everyone.

Before I sign off, a word about tips. Last time I ran through the car wash I gave a slightly larger than normal tip to the crew drying cars that afternoon. Enough that the guy I handed it to said thank you and then mentioned to his co-workers the tip size and suggested getting the tires extra good. My intent wasn’t to get extra, my intention was to say thanks for always showing up for members.

BUT, what happens if we all always show up, working as if we’re getting the larger tip? Give everyone a level of service and value as if they’re leaving the biggest tip of the day. I think we’ll be surprised at what happens. Sure, some will leave nothing, some may not notice, but I think, just maybe, something so small as going the extra step each time, could just be the next step to changing someone’s world.

Go Make It A Great Day,


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