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Attitude Is A Choice

I already hear what’s about to be said…. “But Kris, everything went wrong today!” “This is not my fault. It’s not fair!”

Hey… Bad things happen to everyone. When we feel down about life, we must ask, “Was it

a bad day or a bad 5 minutes I/you milked all day?” It isn’t an easy question to answer. Oftentimes I don’t like my own answer. Who would? One thing I’ve been working on is making a bad experience positive.

Very few people make bad experiences positive experiences. My guess is because we like to feel sorry for ourselves for a bit. A good cry can unburden the soul right? OK. So set a timer and feel sorry for ourselves. A short timer. Then lay on the positive spin.

How to turn around a bad attitude: Choose a positive life stance

  • Life is not the way its supposed to be. It is the way it is.

  • Life is filled with good and bad some of the good and bad I can't control

  • If I have a negative stance the good and the bad will seem worse

  • Therefore I choose a positive life stance

After a bad experience, make the next right choice.

What went right? What went right? What could I do differently? Then apply those positive vibes! Want to know more? Let’s set up a Discovery Session

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