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Become Someone Others Want to Follow

Are you average, above average or below average? That was a question I posed to the group. The group was a smart bunch, they saw through the question, recognizing that most

want to be recognized for being above average. The problem is, that not everyone can be above average - the math doesn’t work out. Average is the top of the bottom half; and the bottom of the top half. The average is the one in the middle. Then, I heard a story where no one wanted to stand out. That’s perfectly ok, if you like to be a strong worker. The challenge is that there are some organizations, where many want to do as little as possible. Too many that think that way do not make for a strong organization. Be the one who is willing to stand out. Be willing to take responsibility to make the situation better, contribute, and solve the problems. Become the one others want to follow.

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