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Boomerang Investment $

Ever heard the phrase, “People are our most appreciable asset?” Some believe it; and others, well - they don’t act like they believe it, do they? People are only an appreciable

asset if we are willing to invest in them. People who invest in others know that the best way to help themselves is to help others. Now this perspective itself is a little off of the personal finance topic per se. However, today, I thought it might be really valuable to get a better perspective of how valuable, personally, AND professionally, it is to invest in people. Some in management get concerned with the cost of investing in people (rather than the value of it). They want to know the ROI (return on investment); even asking, “what if we invest in them, and they leave?” The better question is, “what if you don’t invest in them, and they stay?” This all relates to the Boomerang Principle from my favorite John Maxwell book on relationships, Winning with People. Simply put, when we help others, we help ourselves.

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