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Can a Penny Make You Rich?

I’ll be honest, I am taking this question from one of my favorite current books, Atomic Habits, by James Clear. He asks this question of the readers. Let’s consider it…..

In a sense, one penny does not make a person rich. Consider however, when one has one

million pennies, how much money does one have? The answer is $10,000. And while this amount does not make one in America rich, it does make some people rich in other parts of the world. What could be the power of having, at some point, adding enough pennies, like one hundred million pennies, as that would now add up to one one million dollars. While one penny doesn’t make you rich, at some point, you would add enough that you would become a millionaire. Would you consider a millionaire, rich?….I don’t think it's too shabby…..I’m happy with that number! And yet, that doesn’t mean I stop adding value. Besides, it’s really not the number of pennies that allows me to feel rich. It’s the lives that I touch and that in turn, touch me.

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