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Careful Playing the Comparison Game!

Why? Why do so many of us feel that we need to compare ourselves to others? Rarely when

we play this game in our minds, do we come out ahead! Why is that, you may ask. When we are making this comparison, it starts from a lack of self-worth. It is common for us to look at the strengths of others and compare those strengths to our weaknesses? If we are bald, we look at people with great hair and think about how good looking they are. Why not look at Vin Diesel and admire how good looking he is, well…..I never seen him with hair, so when I google it, I think he doesn’t look normal WITH hair. The point is you can spend time in comparing yourself to others, criticizing and lose, or you can spend time making yourself into the best person you can be. It’s a choice. At Leadership Harbor, we call this your Circle of Control.

Here are some final thoughts on the idea of criticism, taken from Think and Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill. The fear of criticism robs people of their initiative, destroys the power of the imagination, limits individuality, and takes away self-reliance. Now, where do you fit in today; and where do you want to be tomorrow? It’s your choice to make. And if you see your struggle, and you are serious about solving this, coaching is probably the best solution. Of course, you can handle it your way, but how has that worked for you? Love to have a complimentary discussion to consider the option!

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