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Connect to Your Wisest Self When Spending Money

Have you ever wished you had a crystal ball to tell you the future and help you know where you should put your money in order to have super significant returns on your investments?

Nothing wrong with dreaming, right? Well, some people develop what we call a sixth sense - a form of intuition that assists our decision making process. In the study of Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, this concept is the thirteenth step toward riches. While a crystal ball is not likely to happen anytime soon, or even become a legalized form of insider trading, there are ways to explore this idea as it is a part of the Creative Imagination.

Connection Points:

  • Imagine surrounding yourself with several of your favorite financial geniuses. What if they were there to offer you advice and counsel? Would you find that beneficial?

  • Ask yourself these questions: If I make this purchase, does it align with my values? And if I make this purchase, will it give me the greatest satisfaction over anything else that I am considering purchasing?

  • If after all of this, there is still some level of discomfort, then consider a “Thinking Partner” from Leadership Harbor. It’s what we are trained to do when we add value to others.

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