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Developing a (Financially) Winning Team

How would you define a winning team - financially? Is this even a fair question to you? Not

everyone views money the same way; and those that read this lane probably value money principle and money itself more significantly more than others. The challenge can be that some of us can be quite selfish when it comes to money. And if we are developing a winning team - then we have to agree on the same definition of money - its meaning, and its reward.

There are four features that comprise a winning team, financially:

  • Winning teams play to win (they do not play to not lose)

  • Winning teams take risks (they do not play to “survive”)

  • Winning teams keep improving (when you stop improving, you’re through)

  • Winning team members care about each other (otherwise, they are simply individuals playing together)

Where are your team’s strengths? And which one holds your team back from being more successful?

Adapted from Become a People Person by John Maxwell.

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