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Expansion: More than “A” Calling

Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with your might. Ecclesiastes 9:10a ESV 

 In American Christianity, there is a lot of talk about a calling from God. After I finished my

undergraduate studies, I found my life at a crossroads. I could go to seminary or move to a community and plant a parachurch organization. Naturally, I asked God what he was calling me to do. His answer surprised me, “Do whatever you would like to do. I will bless you.” 

It would be naive to say God gave me or anyone cart blanch to do whatever we want. However, it should make us consider the over-importance Christians put on “A Calling from God.” We can spend/waste our lives waiting for a calling when we should be living and looking for God to adjust our path along the way.

Therefore, consider many possibilities of a calling in your life. Explore multiple options all at once. Having multiple options will make it easier to pivot or adjust if God calls us to another opportunity or the path isn’t where we should have been. This approach allows us mobility and to live rich lives in communion with God. God can expand our relationship with him because we are not set on one “calling.”

Mobility to adjust creates capacity for expansion. If you don't have somewhere to grow, you will stop growing. My wife loves to garden. Every spring, we take a trip to the greenhouse and come home with dozens of plants. When we purchase the plants, they are in starter pots. The plants are re-potted into slightly larger pots to allow the roots to breathe and grow larger and deeper. Once the roots have had a chance to grow, the plants are placed in planner pots or the soil.

When an opportunity presents itself, be prepared to take action. Try to create opportunities to take action. Act on your desires/goals/dreams to create movement. If you are pursuing honoring God with your action, then God will bless you. If you misread where God is leading, he will correct your path. 

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