Find Them So You Can Develop Them

What does a leader look like? I've studied this with a group in The 5 Levels of a Leader. Collectively, we wrote down characteristics on sticky notes and put them on the wall. The characteristics of a leader are mostly what we call emotional traits and less of what we usually describe as intelligence traits. Typically, that ratio is in the neighborhood of 5:1 (5 Emotional, 1 Intelligence). It's not that we don't think that intelligence is important, but rather than we think that connecting with people and being relational is nearly 5x more important.

John has long been a leader who develops leaders, yet there is something much scarcer and more important than ability. It is the ability to recognize ability.

Here are 6 areas of identification of a leader. Consider the answers to these, and see if you also agree that it helps to know what you're looking for.

1. Assessment of Needs: "What is Needed?" Know what you need and who you are looking for is essential to success. There are good people, and there are the right people. The selection process has a huge effect on success.