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Give a Little Extra!

If there’s one thing, one action, that has kept me going on the road to becoming all that I

can be, and what I want to accomplish it is persistence. Persistence is giving that little extra, when you would rather give up. So when I studied Think and Grow Rich, and my mentor, Paul Martinelli followed the introductory lesson of Think and Grow Rich with Chapter 9 on Persistence, I was intrigued. I am a task-oriented person, and I like to follow the rules, if I think they are the best approach. So when Paul went to chapter 9, and challenged people to read it daily, for 10 days straight, I did. Then when I led my first class, and I had to decide whether to follow the author’s sequence or Paul’s or something different; I decided to put the Persistence chapter up front as well.

Persistence, which is closely related to determination, is necessary in order to push through those frequent mind-blocking obstacles that will come. When we face a series of “no’s” or “I’ll think about it.” statements that are simply mild rejections, we will get down. We must be aware of these going into our day, into our endeavors, and be prepared with the ways and means to push through - we must have persistence. If you do not know where your persistence will be coming from, I suggest that you take time now to prepare yourself. Know where you will turn. Know that one solution is tol call on a Leadership Harbor coach to challenge your paradigms and get you to the top of your “mountain.”

What could be your opportunity if you were not slowed by the negatives that will inevitably come?

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