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I Celebrate Life, by Living in Mine (not Yours)

Another perception is that others may not give and donate as much as we do. Or they must not save/invest as much as we do. It’s pretty apparent to me that there are not too many

things more personal than personal finance.

Maybe we should look at personal finance in this manner - it’s personal. That means it does not matter what others do, spend, save, invest, travel, etc. It only matters to me what I do. If I am focused on how others are living, then I may be in a state of jealousy. It may be more important for me to do something about it rather than complain. It is what I like to call my Circle of Control - I only control me, or my wife and I only control us - what our income is, what we save, where we spend our money, and how we live in general. There are 2 basic things that influence our personal finance - income and expenses. We can control both.

Just as you control yours. You choose your income, as well as your expenses: mortgage/rent, invest/save plan, cars/loan, vacations, and even whether to have debt and pay interest or have no debts and not pay interest.

Be happy for the life your friends live; and certainly do not live in jealousy. Celebrate the life You live.

If you want to improve in this area, schedule a discovery session asap!

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