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I Will Grow

Learning is a wonderful thing! We can learn about the things we are curious about - I barely remember what it was like before Google could answer my questions in moments! We can learn how to fix the items in our home, car, office that are broken or not working properly. We can learn about important "stuff" to help us in our profession.

Learning helps build our confidence.

Yep. Every time we learn something new, we can feel and know the stuff we need to know without a doubt! Learning expands our comfort zone. When we know what's next or the how, we are able to think beyond the places and fears we have been before. Self - confidence ebbs and flows as we learn. This is the belief in our abilities as a person.

I grew up with a teacher.

I remember sitting at the kitchen table on Sunday afternoons helping my mom correct papers. I remember watching her plan the week's lessons and write them in her planner. One of my daughters is a teacher of vocal music. Her passion for singing spurred her desire to learn. My son-in-law loved math and became a teacher for a season of his life so he could teach youth math. Yes! Learning is a wonderful thing!

Learning, however, is not growth.

Learning + action based on what you learned = growth This is not the math formulas my son-in-law taught! lol Every time I learn something new, if I/you don't apply it to my/your life and take action because of it, I/you essentially put another book on the proverbial bookshelf. A bunch of stuff that has been learned and tucked away for future reference. It's usually really good stuff too! Yet it isn't helping me/you unless I/you take an action with it - apply it - share it - use it - Do something. It doesn't have to be a big action to grow. Maybe it is tweaking a habit we already have. This is where the word of the year can be used to direct our path. Be present and stay focused. Remember growth isn't about a "feeling". Growth is about Do-ing.

John Maxwell says, " Grow. This is the single most important thing you can do every day. The things you worry about today will not worry you tomorrow if you are growing."

Growth helps us know our worth.

We gain so much more than confidence when we grow! We gain self - worth! Self - Worth is the belief in my/your value as a person. When we take actions and know we are adding value to our lives and the lives of those around us, that's when we grow. That's when we expand our self - worth.

How are you taking action on something you've recently learned?

What are you learning from your word of the year?

How are you taking action on your word?

Want to dig in a little deeper? Maybe take action on your word of the year? Want to expand your confidence? Want to expand your self - worth? Let's make 2024 more! Book a discovery session or talk to me about how you can grow. Come into the Harbor where it is safe to learn, so you can go beyond it and conquer exactly who you were meant to be!

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