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Is Your Health Today, Going to Last Your Lifetime?

When you are feeling less than 100% healthy? What is your reaction? Do you focus on “not feeling good” or doing something, in order to “fight” the feeling, or simply ignore it? I

know some people focus on not feeling good, wondering if it’s going to get worse? This often leads to the self-fulfilling prophecy. I’ve read an incredible story of a person who got locked in a food freezer at the end of a work day, and he was the last person on site. Fortunately, the freezer was actually broken - yeah, it was not capable of cooling anything down to the point of freezing. However, he did not know that. He banged on the door and the sides of the freezer in a panic because he feared freezing to death. But no one came……in the morning, he was found with a hand-written note stating how cold he was feeling, “frozen to death” even though the freezer never got below 55F. The only way he froze to death was that he believed he was going to do so.

Conclusion: If you fear ill health, take care of your health; do not focus on being sick; else what you focus on expands (ie. becomes that which you think on most).

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