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Lessons from a Lake

A few weeks ago my son and I loaded up the car and headed north. This week-long trip had been in the works for over two years. Like so many other events and happenings, a global pandemic had shifted what was supposed to happen last summer to this.

I GET to do this!

I took my son because I wanted him to experience some of what I GET to do. I hoped to build some memories on this ‘road trip’ and it was a divide and conquer parenting decision - one kid with me, one kid at home with mom. So we headed off to the camp I was to spend a week hanging out with and speaking to high schoolers.

So here are a few things I learned from the Lake:

  • My view for the week was priceless - from sunsets over the lake at night to the calmness of that same view to start each morning.

  • Mayflies - have you heard of them? Don’t breathe while walking near the lights at night or you’ll be eating some. Yuck!

  • The simplest things can make the biggest impact. The Site Director was by far one of the most intentional hosts I've ever encountered - going above and beyond daily to make sure I was taken care of and my son was too (like he needs ice cream sandwiches and the keys to the camp store or the opportunity to drive a golf cart).

  • I love hanging out with High School youth. Okay, this one is cheating; this isn’t something I learned at the lake, but seeing these youth who chose to take time off work, away from family and friends to learn how to be better leaders at camp….well it just locks in how amazing (and often underappreciated) today’s youth are….they’re in fact World Changers!

  • Wacky Olympics - well let's just say it took me back to some of the wild and fun activities of my summer camp staff days.

  • World Changing partnerships can be discussed, planned, and launched from an iPad lakeside with the CEO of an amazing organization that you’re going to want to stick around and hear about when we announce it.

  • You never know who will be in the room…opportunities may be sitting in the room, and you just have to be aware and open your eyes.

  • Not only did they give up their week to come to camp they gave up their money….I’m not talking like they paid to be there; that goes without saying. This particular camp does an auction - the youth, leaders and even camp staff bring items for a silent auction, and bed sheets turned into wacky Olympic team flags are live auctioned. All to raise money for a scholarship fund. Like there was serious bidding (wars) going on…these kids care about a bigger picture.

  • I love having my son along as my travel companion - he’s a leader in his own making, and I can’t wait to see what he does in his next chapter.

Lessons, Memories & World-Changing Moments

Friends, there were many lessons learned on the lake, memories created and world-changing moments put into action…. I’ve already been invited back to the Lake and I look forward to spending time there again soon…especially with those views and some amazing young leaders!

What lessons have you been learning recently?

I’d love to unpack them with you; sign up for a Complimentary Discovery Session today and let’s get you on to your next steps.

Make it a Great Day,


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