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Making It Happen

Because I've chosen the word Catalyst as my 2024 focus word, I've seen the word and

found articles on being a catalyst for change, transformation, as a team player, etc. That's just how it goes, you know. Your awareness is heightened whenever you focus on something. It's like wanting a new car or having already bought it - you suddenly see it everywhere!

Characteristics to live up to

I think I've mentioned it before... a catalyst creates opportunity to move things forward or instigates a change, without consuming itself.

Here's something I found on the characteristics of being a catalyst. Let's see how many I live up to and how many I need to step up my game for....

  1. Intuitive - Sensing a successful opportunity and acting on it

  2. Communicative - knowing when I need a boost or a boot and acting on it

  3. Passionate - How do I demonstrate the passion? An action in itself

  4. Talent - "You cannot give what you don't have" Keep my catalyzing within my talent zone

  5. Creative - thinking outside of the box - also an action unto itself

  6. Initiating - Being disciplined in my actions to create and take action

  7. Responsible - "If it's to be, it's up to me" Truett Cathy - Taking responsibility for making something happen for "the team"/"the client"/"the family" (you get the drift)

  8. Generous - giving more than is expected in return

  9. Influential - how is my catalyzing helping others to take action?

I like the word "catalyzing". It just fits. The "z" in it feels like action.

A common thread

So there seems to be a common theme running through each of these items - action. I know I am capable of living into each of these characteristics. Especially if I stay in my talent zone. I don't think there is one I typically struggle with. I think that at any given time we struggle to give 100%, so there are gong to be moments where I know I will fall short on each of them. the list is simple. Living into them all everyday is not easy.

I have a strategy though...

I like to visualize a staircase leading up to a landing. Staying focused on where we are wanting to go - the landing, so to speak - is what I must keep doing. And when I stray or fall short, I just simply get back on the step. Each step will take me along the path to get closer to what I want to achieve. I may take a step back now and then, yet I know I will be able to live into my catalyst lifestyle by consistently and intentionally staying focused and taking actions.

Want to help me out?

Is there a staircase in your world that is keeping you stuck? Or maybe your focus isn't what it should be? Unsure of your "landing" or word for the year? It's never too late to figure it out! I'd love to be a catalyst for you! Please reach out. or schedule a Discovery Session.

I'll be catalyzing until then....


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