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My Word for 2024

Each year, instead of individual goals, I establish a focus word. 2023's word was 'Experiences'. That helped me remember that I wanted to create and live into more experiences for Leadership Harbor clients, friends and my family. The word itself helped keep me on track and focused to accomplish what I wanted to accomplish. Many goals are checked off.

Little did I realize what that would mean.....

This is common when I choose a word. I don't realize all of the ramifications of the word

choice. Experiences meant I intentionally thought about what would make a better experience in my trainings and coaching; Every speaking opportunity; every family gathering. Because of it, I traveled more. I didn't allow myself to say no to an opportunity unless it was truly not something I wanted to spend money on or focus my time and attention on. This focus even changed the way our family does gift exchanges. Our parents all turned 80 this year. Rather than a gift, Brian and I took them on a hot air balloon ride. Incredible pictures and memories created! Christmas gifts and a ton of time shopping and wrapping were eliminated. We did still buy for the grand kids, but only stocking stuffers for the adults, and we all chose no gifts for extended family members. This didn't diminish our time together... It enhanced it! We spent the same hours together but played games or laughed and sat at the table longer together. What will we do with the money we didn't spend? Save it for a future experience together.

Needless to say, I really think about the word I'm choosing.

I want to be intentional. If this isn't what I want my focus to be on, it ends up being frustrating. I rarely accomplish all of my goals. The focus has to be on the right things. What we focus on expands - so expand on the things most important to me.

So how do I pick my word?

I use my values to keep my word in alignment with what is important to me. I know my purpose and the word must also align with that. I consider what will motivate me to action and the word always includes action. Without action, there is no change. Each year is about getting and growing to be more than I was last year. Sometimes I create a vision board to assist me. Sometimes it comes in the reflection of the previous year. What do I want to change? What brought me the most joy and how could I incorporate that in the coming year?

Sometimes the word comes to me easily - maybe even early, like October. This year, the word has been more challenging to find. I've had several pop up - being present, influence, intentional, or change.

The word Catalyst jumps out at me after listing all of the words. 

A catalyst initiates change and accelerates processes. Choosing "Catalyst" as my word of the year signifies my commitment to being a positive force, influencing and instigating meaningful change in various aspects of my life, business, and the lives of those I serve. Catalyst carries a sense of purposeful action, aligning with my values and my desire for intentional, influential, and transformative experiences.

So what will your word be? If you'd like to chat about it, please schedule a Discovery Session

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