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Navigation - Past Experiences

1 Cor 13:10-12

Several years ago, my wife and I went to Kansas City for our anniversary. This was the first time that I had vacationed there as an adult. Kansas City has become one of our favorite destinations to take short trips.

Each time we’ve gone, we have drawn on our past experiences, which makes each subsequent trip very enjoyable. We always include a trip to Betty Ray’s ice cream and, of course, IKEA.

Those two locations are stable during our trip to Kansas City because when we reflect on the parts of the vacation we enjoy, we leverage the victories that we had. They have become a staple in our trip.

However, there are several things that we don’t do when we go to Kansas City. We’ve learned which Restaurants to avoid and what activities or at least what day of the week going to certain activities should be avoided.

By reflecting on the failures of our trips to Kansas City, we can now enjoy the time we have there. We can hit the hotspots and highlights and avoid the frustrations of taking a trip.

My wife and I tried to use her past experiences to implement the navigation. This reflection has allowed us to leverage our past victories. By applying reflection to our failures, we added a fulcrum to our enjoyment of the time that we spent in Kansas City.

Reflective thinking gives you true perspective. It solidifies emotional integrity in your thought life. It increases your confidence and decision-making. It clarifies the big picture. It takes a good experience and makes it a valuable experience.

This is also how we grow in our spiritual lives. We draw on our past experiences and leverage them to grow closer to God. We cherish victories, which give us hope. When we reflect on our failures, we experience exponential growth. So enjoy the times when God leads you besides Stillwaters. And rejoice in the times when you feel like you’re walking through the valley of the shadow of death.

Go, outlive your limits!

Your Coach - Aaron Jones

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