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Never Fear Spending Your Money Again!

Indecision, Doubt and Fear - These “enemies” can keep us from attaining the personal

financial freedom that we so desire. I have taught Financial Peace University; and I’ve seen these fears keep people stuck. There are times that we want something so badly in the present. We fear what other people will say if we don’t have as big of a TV, or we are wearing last year’s clothing style. We doubt ourselves because we don’t make the money that others do. We fear what others think about us.

Here’s the rub - many others are worried about what “others” think, too. What “others” think of you is none of your business. The ones that get ahead are not spending time worrying about what others think. They are thinking about what their next steps are.

We don’t have to think we “deserve” to have it now. There is tremendous power in making those purchases when we have the money to do so. The word budget is not a bad word. It means that you have a plan on how to allocate your money. You get to decide! If we let interest be on our side rather than against us, the feeling of freedom fuels the desire and ability to achieve whatever their mind chooses.

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