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No Crystal Ball Required

It’s too bad we don’t have the crystal ball that can show us the future - especially when it comes to hiring new team members. A great interview and the “right” education may make the perfect fit for your business on paper; however it doesn’t mean that an individual is the right person for the job. Each of us are wired differently in our personality, which also gives us our natural tendencies and skills. And sometimes, a person excels in a particular position, however when they are promoted to a different position in your company, they don’t perform as well. Where is that darn crystal ball when we need it?!

Instead of a crystal ball technique, you may want to consider weighing the hiring of a person based on your company culture. Your culture can make or break the level of success for your business. I love the phrase, “culture eats vision for lunch” because it is true. You can have the perfect vision of where and why, yet without the right people on the team, the culture can put a damper on your level of success.

Once you’ve figured out the cultural characteristics of your team, look at the values of your business. Then look at the people who are truly moving the proverbial ball forward. What are their gifts and personalities? What gifts and personality might be missing that could make your team complete? Don’t place unnecessary stressors on your team by asking them to do the very things that will create the most emotional and physical burdens on them. That individual won’t be happy and probably won’t stick around.

Know yourself and how you communicate and know your team and how they communicate. If this sounds overwhelming or you find that you’ve had problems keeping employees/team members, give Leadership Harbor a call. Discovery sessions cost you nothing except 30-45 minutes of your time. That’s nothing when you consider how much time and money it takes to train a new team member. No crystal ball required.

Be Intentional my friends!


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