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rROI of Coaching - What’s In A Relationship?

We all have relationships. Some are different from others and that’s a good thing. Every relationship - good, bad or indifferent, social, friend, co-worker or intimate - they all have connecting points. Let’s focus on what makes a good relationship.

The most important thing is that each person in a relationship values the other. This means

a person “feels” or recognizes that they are seen. They are real and not overlooked or ignored. The other part of valuing another is that each person “feels” or recognizes they are heard. That doesn’t mean they have to agree on everything. It means a person can see the other person’s side and still remain in relationship whether they completely agree or not. When we value each other, something amazing happens - We build community. We begin to trust each other more. Our uniqueness as individuals is still important through our culture and we are unified to our common community.

Is trust missing in your business team? Is trust missing in your family? Focus on the relationship building and your communication.

There is also the concept of your relationship with yourself. Your confidence and worthiness have a direct correlation to your depth of relationship with others.

Want to learn more about the relationship return on coaching? Let’s talk.

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