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Sex and Your Finances

No, this is not about sex sells just about anything, though it is difficult to argue with that

statement. Let’s start by clarifying that - Love is, without a doubt, one of life’s greatest experiences. And with love, often comes the physical component of sex. The idea that we want to cover today is about sex transmutation. This is the tenth step in Napoleon Hill’s book, Think and Grow Rich. Sex transmutation is simply explained as the switching of the mind from thought of physical expression to thought of something else, most importantly, something creative. In our case, the attainment of financial freedom through the focus on positive money habits. Oftentimes, sexual desire is one of our most powerful human desires. The attainment of financial resources may also be a commanding desire. Sex transmutation considers the channeling of the sexual energy into something creative, and in this case it is the attainment of personal financial success and freedom. Have you reached financial freedom? When do you estimate you will? If you do not know, do you want to know and do you want to achieve it? If you would like to channel and Focus some of your energy into more creative endeavors, let’s have a chat.

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