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Share Bold HOPE

It’s a new year! It’s even a new decade! What will be different for you this year, or even the next 10 years? Well I can’t answer for you – you are the only one that can do that! I can answer for me - with the hope that it will inspire you to do the same for you, or maybe for someone else.

I like to pick a word, or sometimes even a phrase. Last year, my primary word was “smile,” or more completely, the phrase was “smile – be me – have fun.” It was my way of helping me when speaking, or teaching, I get so focused on sharing information, that I forget that most people need to have more fun in the process. I can be more of a get the work done, fun comes afterwards. This year, I am looking more into the other person’s perspective. My main word for 2020 is “Hope,” and the full phrase is “Share Bold Hope!”

I am really loving the phrase. This is how I approach it:


Share Hope...

Share Bold Hope...

And what this means to me is:


* Dream – As a subject, a Hope may be a Dream.

* Encouragement – As a verb, Hope may be described as encouragement.

* How do I know who needs encouragement?

* If they are breathing, they need encouragement. They need to know I believe in them.

Share Hope

* Share your smile, especially if others don’t have one.

* Be the first one at an opportunity.

* When you share hope (encouragement), your own hope will multiply.

Share Bold Hope

* SMILE BIG! You’ve heard the saying, “Make them wonder what you’re thinking.”

* Notice something that is special about that person. Then tell them in a calm, confident, caring, courageous way!

Let me clarify something, and this is one of my favorite sayings……”Hope is not a strategy.” By that I mean, you cannot “hope” your way to success or achievement. However, if your “hope” is a true desire, then it should and must, enable you to ACT! You must do those things that YOU KNOW, deep in your heart, that you must do in order to bring about your greatest hope or dream.

Saying (out loud) my word, or phrase every single day inspires ME to act. My HOPE for you is that you will write to me about your hopes and dreams.

So, tell me your plan to achieve everything you ever dreamed. Psst…. I’ll share a secret with you - If you can dream it, then it is already yours, you just have to go out and get it – Be BOLD. Find your courage to become everything you were designed to become. Don’t listen to anyone that negates your ideas. Listen only to those that help your ideas get better and lead you to your destination.




Clarity in Vision.

No Regrets.

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