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The Benefits of a Coach

I think the best way to tell my friends about the benefits of a coach is to start by telling you why a person does not need a coach.

You do NOT need a coach if

  1. You are in love with exactly who you are, and you have no interest in becoming more.

  2. You have achieved everything you ever thought possible and more.

  3. You do not believe that you can become more.

  4. You do not believe that you were designed for more.

  5. You have no intention of giving back to the world any more than you have already.

Now, let’s consider why a person would consider getting a coach:

  1. You like who you are, AND you know you want to be and become more.

  2. You have not achieved everything you ever dreamed of achieving, and the progress on your own is not fast enough.

  3. You believe you are uniquely gifted but need help to “peel the onion” to reach your potential.

  4. You believe you were designed to play a very special part in this world and by not developing yourself, you are shortchanging the world and, worse yet, yourself!

  5. You have so much more to give, and by giving more, you know that you will be “richly” rewarded—it may be monetarily, but the value you give cannot be measured by dollars alone.

Options for personal growth:

  1. Read a book to learn more and grow on your own. (Works. I’ve done that for years.)

  2. Journal your learning to record your own ideas to teach yourself ways to grow, improve, and risk.

  3. Join a mastermind group—grow with others. Learning with a group will help challenge you.

  4. Find a mentor—one who has gone down your path before. Follow their advice.

  5. Find a coach—one who can help you with appropriate questions and challenges to unlock your greater potential.

Note: There is a risk to this. While it is not a life-threatening danger, it will affect your life. You will not live into all that you were meant to and become all that you were designed to become until you find someone to help you along that path.

My coach has challenged me. I have done more in the last couple of years than I did in the previous decade.

Yes, it has cost me. And it is priceless.

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